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Welcome to Allegro Classics Conservatory.

Our mission is to inspire & revive the interest in quality music through:

  • Structured music education
  • Dynamic performances
  • Driving societal impact

Our core values:


We are passionate about achieving our mission.


We are always available to help our people.


We work together always to support each other develop and progress.


We support our students and performers to believe in their capabilities.


We apply creative solutions to solving problems in interesting ways.

Why you should learn music

Sparked & Increased Creativity

According to research, playing a musical instrument activates both hemispheres of the brain; linguistic and mathematical side as well as the creative part, making you much smarter than before.

Working Memory

According to Anita Collins, a neuroscientist, "while listening to music engages multiple areas of the brain, playing music is the brain's equivalent of a full body workout". This helps improve your memory and concentration.

Physical Therapy

Playing an instrument helps improve blood circulation in various areas of the body. In fact, the late Kenn Kafui, one of the gratest Ghanaian composers, recounted how playing the piano helped significantly in recovering from a partial stroke he suffered.

Improved Productivity

Playing an instrument improves teamwork among players in a band or orchestra and attention to detail (in reading scores) which are skills that help increase in the workplace.

Emotional Companion

Music is the best emotional companion. Slow music with tempo similar to the human heart helps ease anxiety, stress and depression while fast tempo music helps to release energy from happiness and joy.

Why you should look no further.

If you're looking for a great place to start, look no further, because we have designed every thing with you in mind.

Hands-on training

We believe in practical, hands-on training. You will never be left to figure it out on your own.

Affordable pricing

You will never find anyone who prices it better than we do.

Flexible course schedule

You choose your own schedule. At your convenience and at your own pace.

Student-centered approach

Our instructors are friendly and always ready to answer your pertinent questions.

Guaranteed results

We guarantee you will become a master at music. Either that, or your money back.

ABRSM Syllabus

Our courses are patterned after the internationally acclaimed ABSRM standard.

For all ages

Young or old, we have a package designed just for you.

Our Programme

Developing artistry, Mastering technique, Stretching musical imaginations.

Early Years Music

Foundational programme, showing appreciation of music by sight and ear. Serves as a preliminary to the Junior Conservatory graded programme

Junior Conservatory

A graded music programme, from grade 1 to 8.

Part-time Continuing Education

Supporting students/adults with specific needs such as preparing students for exams, directing a choir, etc.)

Adult Study

Focuses on adults who wish to study music for specific needs, such as hobby. Opportunity for adults to learn their favorite songs (e.g. hymns).

Our Specialty

We offer lessons for each of these instruments:


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